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Fellows of ISCAST, past and present

ISCAST fellows are people who subscribe to ISCAST’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and have appropriate qualifications and experience. Fellows of ISCAST seek to integrate a view of the world as revealed in the Bible with a view of the world as discovered through the sciences. Details of applying for fellowship can be found here.

Dr Denis Alexander
Rev. Dr Stephen Ames
Dr Luke Barnes
Em. Prof. Peter H Barry
Prof. Philip Batterham
Em. Prof. Christopher Bellenger
Professor Andrew Bennett
Rev. Dr Robert Brennan
Prof. Graeme Clark AC FAA FRS
Dr Jonathan Clarke
Professor Michael Clarke
A/Prof. David Cohen
Dr Stephen Collins
Rev. A/Prof. Doru Costache
A/Prof. David Croaker
Dr Brian Edgar
Rev. Prof. Denis Edwards
Dr Edwin El-Mahassni
Mr Peter Eyland
Prof. Ken Freeman AC FAA FRS
Mr James Garth
A/Prof. Alan Gijsbers
Mr Richard Gijsbers
Prof. Peter Gill
Dr Stewart Gill OAM
Em. Prof. Murray Gillin AM
Prof. David Goldney AM
Dr Bill Hague
Mrs Karen Hale
Dr Ping Han
Prof. Ian Harper AO
Prof. Peter Harrison FAHA
Rev. Murray Hogg
Mr Ian Hore-Lacy
Dr Philip Hughes
Dr Iain Johnston
Em. Prof. D. Gareth Jones
Dr Lewis Jones
A/Prof. Peggy Kern
Em. Prof. Michael Knight
Dr Bruce Langtry
Dr Jia-Yee Lee
Dr Graham Leo
Prof. Roger Lewis
Dr Victoria Lorrimar
Prof. John Lucas
Mr Ross Macmillan
Dr Graeme McLean
Prof. Tom McLeish FInstP FRS
Prof. Chris McNeill
Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin
Professor Rob Norman
Professor Neil Ormerod
Em. Prof. John Pilbrow
Mr Richard Prideaux
Prof. Greg Restall
A/Prof. Alastair Richardson
Mr Tony Rinaudo
Dr Patsy Robertson
Dr Jenneth Sasse
Dr Katherine Seaton
Dr Murray Seiffert
Dr Andrew Sloane
Dr Michael Smith
Rev. Dr Stephen Spence
Prof. Tom Spurling AM FTSE
Dr Peter Stork
Prof. Jeffery Tallon FRSNZ
Dr James Ungureanu
Dr Bill Walker
Dr Christopher John White
Prof. John White AO FAA FRS
Dr Jennifer Wiseman
Professor Michael TH Wong
Prof. Andrew Wood
Rev. Dr Mark Worthing