Paul Tyson

Dr Paul Tyson


Paul Tyson is a philosophical theologian and a sociologist with interests in faith and truth, the sociology of knowledge, and the role that science plays in our approach to truth (and untruth) in the contemporary world. He has written books on theology and climate change, on Christian sociology, on the “magic” of meaning and intelligibility, and he has pursued a metaphysical theology approach to the theology of science. His work seeks to make a new application of Christian Platonist thinking to our contemporary context. Recently he coordinated a Templeton Foundation funded international research project with John Milbank, Peter Harrison, and Tom McLeish which brought philosophical theologians together with a few historians and scientists to try and re-think how we approach both “religion” and “science”.


  • PhD (Queensland University of Technology)
  • MA in Theology (Australian Catholic University)
  • BA Hons in Philosophy (University of Queensland)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Victoria College)
  • BA in Social Sciences (Flinders University of South Australia)

Science/Faith Interests

Metaphysical Theology, Theological Epistemology, Philosophy of Technology

Professional Associations

  • Honorary Senior Fellow. School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, University of Queensland
  • Senior Fellow in Theology and Climate Change Policy in the Energeia Network, London.
  • Fellow, The Centre for the Study of Western Tradition, Campion College, Sydney
  • Advisory Board Member for Mέτα (Athens, DiEM25)
  • Member, Centre of Theology and Philosophy (University of Nottingham)
  • Member, Centre for Religion and Social Policy (University of Divinity, Melbourne)
  • Member, International Plato Society (Société Platonicienne Internationale)

Selected Publications

  • A Christian Theology of Science (Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, USA, 2022)
  • Theology and Climate Change (Routledge, London, 2021)
  • Seven Brief Lessons on Magic (Cascade Books, Eugene, 2019)
  • Kierkegaard’s Theological Sociology (Cascade Books, Eugene, 2019)
  • Defragmenting Modernity (Cascade Books, Eugene, 2017)
  • Returning to Reality (Cascade Books, Eugene, 2014)
  • Paul Tyson (ed.) Astonishment and Science: Engagements with William Desmond
  • (Cascade Books, Eugene, 2023)
  • Peter Harrison & Paul Tyson (eds.) New Directions in Theology and Science: Beyond Dialogue (Routledge, London, 2022)
  • Peter Harrison, John Milbank, assisted by Paul Tyson (eds.) After Science and Religion: Fresh Perspectives from Philosophy and Theology (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, 2022)