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The ISCAST public library

As many visitors to this site know, over the last 30 years ISCAST has developed an extensive online library of articles, reviews, opinion and other resources available to the public. As well, we publish books now available through the ISCAST online bookshop.

The ISCAST public library

However, ISCAST also has a physical public library with hundreds of books relating to science and religion.

The book library is housed in a separate collection at the Daniel Mannix Library at 278 Victoria Pde, East Melbourne and is open to the public to browse. In addition, financial members of ISCAST have borrowing rights at the Mannix Library. Opening hours of the library can be found here.

ISCAST is very grateful for the hospitality offered by the Mannix Library through cataloguing and storing the ISCAST collection on our behalf.

Donating to the ISCAST library

Perhaps you have books on science and religion that you would like to donate to the ISCAST library? Please send us an email and we would be happy to talk to you about making arrangements.

Searching the ISCAST library online

This ISCAST collection in the Mannix Library is searchable online using the following links.

Browse all the ISCAST collection in the library using this link.

The ISCAST public library

Borrowing from the ISCAST library

The library is publicly accessible to browse, but only ISCAST financial members may borrow books. To borrow books from the library you will need to speak to the staff and they will confirm that your ISCAST membership is current.