Edwina Blair

Edwina Blair

Associate Lecturer, Academic Coordinator and Graduate School Project Manager at Australian College of Ministries


Edwina Blair is an Associate Lecturer in Biblical Studies (Old Testament ), the Academic Coordinator (Bible) and Graduate School Projects Manager at the Australian College of Ministries  (ACOM), a member institution of Sydney College of Divinity (SCD). She has been part of the ACOM team for over a decade and is passionate about teaching students how to engage in the Old Testament in a way that is fruitful in their churches and ministries. Edwina is also a PhD student with SCD, where she is exploring the intersection of anthropomorphism and the representation of God’s senses in the Hebrew Bible. Before working in theological education, Edwina served in a number of churches within NSW Churches of Christ as an Associate Minister. This followed a season where she worked in the field of Nuclear Medicine in both private practice and the public hospital system. As a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Edwina was part of diagnostic teams, with her speciality being with paediatric patients. Throughout each phase of her career so far, teaching has been the common thread, always enjoying the privilege of guiding and equipping others.


  • B. App. Sc (Nuc. Med), University of Sydney.
  • Grad Dip App. Sc. (Nuc. Med), University of Newcastle.
  • B.Th., Sydney College of Theology.
  • M. Th., Sydney College of Theology.
  • Grad Cert in Theo. Ed., Sydney College of Divinity.
  • PhD candidate, Sydney College of Divinity.

Science/Faith Interests

As someone whose professional and faith life has intersected for many years, Edwina is passionate about people reading and engaging in the scriptures. As a local church minister, she spent her time teaching people not only about the Bible and how to read it, but more importantly, how to see it in its entirety. Helping people see how relevant the Old Testament can be and how all the “pieces fit together” has continued in her role at ACOM. Through teaching Old Testament subjects such as the Pentateuch, inevitable discussions about creation are regularly raised, and Edwina finds her scientific background brings an interesting perspective to her students. Edwina is also fascinated with archaeology and history, both of which she regularly explores as she leads the Holy Land Program at ACOM. Since 2013, Edwina has led over 120 people through Israel & Jordan, teaching and showing them first-hand the intersection between the Bible, ancient history and geography.

Professional Associations

  • Australia and New Zealand Association of Theological Studies (ANZATS)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
  • Institute of Biblical Research (IBR)