Karen Hale

Mrs Karen Hale

Head of Religious Education at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School


Karen Hale holds degrees in science, education and theology from Sydney University and Ridley Melbourne. After completing a science degree at Sydney University Karen became a youth worker in 1984 at St Phillip’s Caringbah in Sydney. After completing her Diploma in Education Karen taught at s secondary school in the western suburbs of Sydney before moving to Melbourne in 1986 to teach science at Tintern Anglican School. Karen is a Director of ISCAST.

In 1992 Karen completed her BMin from Ridley Melbourne and began working at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar school teaching Science and Religious Education. In 2004 Karen became Head of Religious Education at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar school. She is still teaching Science and has enjoyed being able to teach and lead curriculum development in both areas. Karen has been involved actively in her local church and she joined the board of ISCAST in 2018.


BSc, DipEd, BMin, MA Theology