Mick Pope

Dr Mick Pope

Graduate Meteorologist Program Manager at the Bureau of Meteorology


Mick Pope is the manager of the graduate meteorologist program at the Bureau of Meteorology. His doctoral work focussed on variability of the north Australian wet season, and his professional interests include climate change and variability, tropical meteorology, and atmospheric waves. His masters work was on biblical hermeneutics for Anthropocene ethics in the Pentateuch, particularly themes of human agency and responsibility, and biblical animism. Mick’s PhD will be on ecocide and the God-world relationship.

Mick works with various Christian advocacy groups on climate activism, including Common Grace. He has several popular books and academic articles in the areas of ecotheology and ecomissiology. His most recent book, based on his masters thesis is From Creation to Canaan: Biblical Hermeneutics for the Anthropocene, published by Pickwick, 2024.


  • B Sc (Hon) Applied Mathematics, Monash University 1988-1991
  • M Sc Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Sydney 1992-1994
  • Grad Dip Met, Bureau of Meteorology, 1997
  • PhD Meteorology, Monash University 2002-2009
  • M Phil Theology, University of Divinity 2018-2021
  • PhD Theology, University of Divinity 2024-Present

Science/Faith Interests

Climate change, Anthropocene, extinction and ecocide, panentheism, open theism, divine action, Hebrew Bible, ecotheology, ecomissiology.