Alastair Richardson

A/Prof. Alastair Richardson


BSc (Hons) Exeter 1969, PhD Exeter 1972


I am an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Tasmania, where I lectured in the School of Zoology from 1972 to 2007. I am generally interested in invertebrate ecology and systematics, and particularly in the ecology, taxonomy and biogeography of terrestrial crustaceans. Since retiring I have been the Academic Director of The Bookend Trust, a charitable foundation that seeks to encourage school students to take up careers in science and the environment, primarily through adventure learning. I do occasional consultancy work through Environmental Consulting Options Tasmania, mostly dealing with threatened species (burrowing crayfish) in transport corridors.

Science/faith interests

As a teacher and researcher in evolutionary biology I am interested in reconciling scientific accounts of origins with those in the Bible. I would like to understand the “goodness” of creation in the face of predation, parasitism and other species interactions that pervade the natural world.

Professional associations

I am a founder member of The Crustacean Society and a Life Member of the International Association for Astacology.

Topics I can present on

I am available to present to school and university students on evolution and Christianity.

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