David Cohen

Rev. Dr David J. Cohen


I have been involved in theological education for the past 25 years teaching mainly in Old Testament studies and biblical Hebrew language. I am also Morling College’s director of research, working with candidates in our higher degree by research programmes. In addition to this, I am involved nationally as the head of the Department of Bible and Theology for the Australian College of Theology (A University College). For many years I have been interested in the intersections between faith and science. As a theologian, I have explored how various disciplines of science can inform our reading and interpreting of the biblical text. I am also interested in how the language and concepts of theology can be helpful in discussions of science.


DipT., BEd., BDiv(Hons), GradDipTh, MA(Th), PhD (Murdoch University)

Science–Faith Interests

Although I lack formal qualifications in science I am an avid reader in the areas of physics, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and history.

Professional Associations

  • Fellow of the Institute for Biblical Research, Princeton, Illinois
  • Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Theological Studies, Sydney, Australia
  • Fellowship for Biblical Studies, Sydney, Australia
  • Tyndale Fellowship for Theological and Biblical Research, Cambridge, UK