Alan Gijsbers

A/Prof. Alan Gijsbers

University of Melbourne Associate Professor, Past President of ISCAST




Alan is a retired physician in Addiction Medicine, and an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Medicine Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne.

He is the first Medical Director of the Addiction Medicine Service at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Medical Director of the Substance Withdrawal Unit at the Melbourne Clinic Richmond.

He is a Foundation Fellow in the chapter of Addiction Medicine of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

He is past chairman of the Victorian Addiction Inter-hospital Liaison Association (VAILA).

Science/Faith Interests

Alan is the National President of ISCAST, a group of Christians interested in the interaction between science and religion. He has lectured in Science and Faith at Ridley College and the Bible College of Victoria.

Alan is a past chairman of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia. He is also National President of HealthServe Australia, an organization of health professionals who seek to provide health and development overseas in the name and spirit of Christ.

Alan is interested in spirituality, addiction, Evidence Based Medicine, scientific methodology and neuroscience. He has published in neuroscience and theology, including: models of mind-brain relationships; understanding self and anthropology; understanding consciousness; the nature of the will; the nature of soul and spirit; monism and dualism; and neurodevelopment and the relation of the emotions to human functioning, and spirituality and addictions, especially as they are expressed in a secular society. Each provides fruitful areas of interaction between science, philosophy and theology, especially as it applies practically in the field of Addiction Medicine.

Professional Associations

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Chapter of Addiction Medicine Royal Australasian College of Physicians Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Australian Medical Association

Victorian Addiction Interhospital Liaison Association Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia HealthServe Australia

Topics he can present on

Alan is able to present on Neuroscience, addiction, spirituality, and science religion issues generally, especially as they apply in a secular society.

Science-Faith Publications: Zadok Publications

Zadok is a Christian organization dedicated to looking at the interface between the faith and modern thought. Its publications are listed in the State Library of Victoria.

  1. Whelan G, Gijsbers AJ. Free will and determinism as reflected in the treatment of alcohol abuse. Zadok 1995;S75:1-8.
  2. Gijsbers AJ. The nature of humans – mind and brain; body soul and spirit. Zadok Paper 1998/9;S96:1-16.
  3. Gijsbers AJ. Faith, science and drugs. In Preece G, (Ed). The ethics of drug and alcohol care: social changes and Christian responses. Zadok 2000;S108:1-4.

SE Asian ICMDA Conference Singapore 2000

Gijsbers AJ. Drugs, alcohol and God. In John S, (Ed). Proceedings ICMDA South East Asia/Australasia Conference, Singapore, July 6-9 2000:96-112.

Luke’s Journal

This is the national journal of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia. I have written a number of articles over the years including:

  1. Gijsbers AJ. ‘Applying the choices/consequences model to Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry.’ Luke’s Journal 2008;13 (2):10-11.
  2. Gijsbers AJ, Whelan G. ‘Spirituality and boundary violations.’ Luke’s Journal 2007;12(3):12- 15.
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  5. Gijsbers AJ. ‘Forgiveness in abuse.’ Luke’s Journal 2003;8(2):4-5.


Peer Reviewed Papers
  1. Gijsbers AJ. Reality and Addiction: neuroscientific and psychological perspectives. June 2008. 06_Reality_And_Addiction.
  2. Gijsbers AJ. The dialogue between neuroscience and theology. In Wood A, Barry P. God, Science and Divine Action.
Opinion and Debate
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Book Reviews
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