Bruce Robinson

Professor Bruce Robinson

Professor of Medicine at the University of WA


Bruce Robinson is an award-winning physician-scientist and the founding director of an Australian NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence, studying subjects such as asbestos cancers and tumour immunology. The team have made many discoveries, including the first blood test for mesothelioma, and have conducted many world-first treatments, including Australia’s first cancer gene therapy trial. Bruce was co-chair of the international ICGC-TCGA mesothelioma gene sequencing program. He also leads a COVID-19 digital health research project.

In 2013 Bruce received an Order of Australia, and in 2014 was West Australian of the Year and a finalist in the Australian of the Year award. He has also received 3 UWA Teacher-of-the-Year awards.

Bruce has published over 240 scientific papers, over 50 invited book chapters, and numerous invited reviews in journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Reviews, and The Lancet.

Bruce attends St Matthew’s and Providence Anglican churches. He is married to Jacqueline, and has three children.



Science/Faith Interests

Bruce has spoken on Science and Faith, Suffering and God, and Christian Parenting in over 50 churches plus through a weekly radio broadcast on 98.5 Sonshine FM radio.

In response to his work with the victims of catastrophic natural disasters and his professional role breaking bad news about cancer to his patients, and walking the “journey to death” with them and their families he has recently written a book for Christians on suffering called Behind the Tears, “focused on surviving and growing from suffering.

Professional Associations