Jonathan Clarke

Dr Jonathan Clarke


BSc (UTas 1980), BSc(Hons) (UTas 1981), PhD (Flinders, 1988)


I am a geologist who has worked in the minerals, education and government sectors. My particular interests include sedimentology, diagenesis, landscape processes and regolith geoscience, and have applied them to minerals exploration, salinity management, and groundwater. I am also interested in planetary science, in particular the geology and geomorphology of Mars and how planets such as Mars might best be explored.

Science/Faith Interests

My science-faith interests are in the area of the impact of deep time on our understanding of the doctrine of creation, theodicy and humanity’s interaction with the environment, and how these have changed over time. I am also interested in how space exploration and the search for life beyond Earth may affect our theologies.

Professional Associations

  • Member of Geological Society of Australia
  • Vice President of Mars Society Australia
  • Fellow of ISCAST

Topics He Can Present On

  • the doctrine of Creation,
  • Genesis and geology,
  • history of science-faith interaction,
  • theodicy and the created world,
  • astrobiology and space exploration, and
  • human interaction with the rest of creation.