Antonios Kaldas

Fr. Antonios Kaldas


I trained and worked as a medical doctor before accepting a nomination to the priesthood in the Coptic Orthodox Church in 1991. Since then, he has served continually in the parish of the Archangel Michael and St. Bishoy in Mount Druitt, Sydney. I have served in the Coptic Schools of Sydney, both in governance and education, and currently as a Lecturer in Philosophy at St. Cyril’s Coptic Theological College. I am a sometime amateur astronomer and have always been keenly interested in sciences of all ilks. My research specialty is in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, particularly on the nature of Consciousness and Attention. I am currently undertaking research on Natural Theology in the Eastern Christian Context at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. I am married with two adult (most of the time) children, two dogs and a snake.


  • MB,BS (USyd) 1988.
  • Grad.Dip.Phil. (MQ) 2012.
  • M.Res, (MQ) 2015.
  • PhD (MQ) 2019.
  • PhD (UNDA) ongoing.

Science/Faith Interests

I spend most of my academic time these days researching the pros and cons, role, and value of natural theology in the contemporary world from an Eastern Christian perspective. Natural theology means, roughly, ways of coming to know God that begin with the evidence of nature all around us and within us; evidence that is available to all regardless of one’s faith or lack of it. Natural theology has been surprisingly controversial not only with non-theists, but also within theistic faith communities. While those who object to natural theology often make valid points, I am persuaded that natural theology is nonetheless indispensable for the Christian in the modern world, although it must be approached with discernment.

I also continue to pursue a deeper understanding of the apparently impenetrable mystery of consciousness—why is it that we are self-aware? Why is there something-it-is-like to be ‘me’ in the world, in Thomas Nagel’s famous phrase. And what does the nature of consciousness tell us about human nature more generally, about what Christians usually call the “soul” or “spirit,” about the possibility or morality and free will and meaning?

I am very privileged to teach philosophy to the inquiring young minds in Years 11 & 12 at St. Bishoy Coptic Orthodox College at Mount Druitt. Here I strive to help them see that faith is perfectly compatible—indeed, desirable—with intellectual and scientific life.

Professional Associations

  • Society for the Study of Ancient Christianity (Macquarie University).
  • American Philosophical Association.
  • Australasian Association of Philosophy.
  • Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.
  • Society for Philosophy and Psychology.
  • Australian Society for Philosophy and Psychology.
  • IOTA: International Orthodox Theological Association.