Sheridan College Perth seeking applications for two senior academic positions

Our colleagues at Sheridan College in Perth are advertising for two full-time senior academic positions, and they have asked if we might circulate the details below.

If you know of others who might suit the criteria, please share this information with them.


Sheridan College is a higher education provider managed by Australian Baptist Education Inc., a developer of not-for-profit Baptist education institutions across Australia.

The College is expanding its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 2018, and welcomes applications for two full-time senior academic positions in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.

The two positions will suit academics with an extensive record in scholarship and research supervision, and previous experience of academic leadership (Department Head or Research Chair) in the university sector. Applicants from any discipline within mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences will be considered.

The proposed starting date for each contract is 1 January 2018. Candidates may negotiate for a later start date to allow for the conclusions of any outstanding obligations in their current university roles.

The contracts will initially run for 3-5 years, and will be renewable based on performance and mutual agreement.

Academic salaries are benchmarked against the University of Notre Dame (Fremantle) salary schedule.

The next five years will be governed by three strategic goals:

1.     The addition of new major streams to the undergraduate science program.

2.     The securing of national accreditation for a PhD program.

3.     The establishment of a new research platform for Christian academics to engage in advanced scientific research.

The positions will suit members of the ISCAST community with the right combination of professional standing, vision, and personal initiative, who are called to partner with Sheridan College in establishing a rigorous scientific program grounded in a Christian conception of the cosmos.

Email applications to:

Please include the following with your application:

1.   CV – including qualifications and a detailed description of scholarly activities, units taught, research supervision experience, academic leadership roles, and professional referees

2.   Your personal testimony of your faith journey

3.  A letter of recommendation from your church pastor

We look forward to partnering with you in serving Sheridan College students through higher education.