Get the ISCAST Book Bundle for Your School

Bring the science–faith conversation to your school through two inspiring autobiographies of Christian pioneers in science and technology, plus an easy-to-read introduction to the relationship between science and Christianity.

For only $80, your school can get the ISCAST book bundle (valued at $105), which includes award-winning autobiographies The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis by Tony Rinaudo and I Want to Fix Ears by Bionic Ear pioneer Graeme Clark, plus Science and Christianity: Understanding the Conflict Myth by ISCAST Executive Director Chris Mulherin.

These 3 inspiring books can introduce students to understanding the incredible relationship between Christianity and the sciences, and offer real and powerful stories of faithful Christians in science and technology.

1. Science and Christianity

By Chris Mulherin

  • An accessible introduction and overview of the relationship between science and Christianity
  • Equips the everyday Christian for science–faith conversations
  • An engaging, beautifully illustrated book with full-colour images

2. The Forest Underground

By Tony Rinaudo

  • Offers hope for climate change
  • Tells an inspiring and encouraging Australian Christian story
  • Calls readers to act in practical ways

3. I Want to Fix Ears

By Graeme Clark

  • Tells the inspiring life story of a well-known Christian scientist, Graeme Clark
  • Demonstrates how God works through science & technology
  • Recounts a key part of Australian history

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