Sydney, Meet the “Forest Maker”: Offering Hope for a Planet in Crisis

Are you in Sydney? Don’t miss this chance to meet the man who brings back forests without planting trees.

ISCAST is excited to partner with Epping Church of Christ to host a free evening on the 3rd of October featuring an inspiring talk and Q&A with Tony Rinaudo, also known as the “Forest Maker.”

RSVP for “Meet the ‘Forest Maker’” here, or learn more on our event page.

Tony Rinaudo is known as the “Forest Maker.”

Why? In his 17 years in Niger, he discovered and pioneered an embarrassingly simple and affordable method of regreening land by reviving damaged trees instead of planting new ones.

This technique is called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, or FMNR. The global FMNR movement is offering the world real, tangible hope for the planet.

The method has, from small beginnings, already regreened more than 18 million hectares in 27 countries, reduced our carbon footprint and transformed millions of lives and livelihoods.

Now, Tony’s story is taking the world stage. His powerful autobiography The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis was named 2022 Australian Christian Book of the Year, and his story was the basis for the documentary The Forest Maker, produced by German filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff.

Tony is now the Principal Climate Action Advisor for World Vision Australia, and a fellow of ISCAST–Christianity & Science in Conversation.