AI Is Changing the World. How Can Christians Be Prepared?

How might Christians navigate artificial intelligence with real wisdom? ISCAST and Scots’ Church Melbourne’s upcoming event on the 16th of March (7–9p.m.) aims to equip Christians to grapple with this very question.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an era-defining technology, and changing the world with it. Every day there’s something new happening with AI development, and it’s becoming more prevalent with every passing minute.

In fact, you may already be one of the millions of people who use AI every day for work, learning, creation, and more.

But as AI becomes more prominent in our lives, so do the questions it brings with it: Is AI unbiased? Is it alright for me to use it for work? What happens if AI becomes sentient? And how can I approach these things from a biblical perspective?

AI x Christianity aims to respond to these questions and more, diving headfirst into the heart of the AI and ethics discussion.

Across two hours, three speakers, and a discussion panel, this ambitious event will cover the biggest questions being asked about AI today and address them from a Christian perspective.

So, join this exclusively in-person event at Scot’s church to discuss:

  • The future of AI and its disruptive potential
  • The good and bad of AI, and what it means for humans
  • How the Bible can shape our view of an AI world
  • How to approach AI with godly wisdom, and the challenges that come with it

Find all the details on the event page, or register now.

About ISCAST & Scots’ Church

ISCAST is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to engaging Australians in a constructive conversation between Christian faith and the sciences. For over 30 years, ISCAST has promoted science–faith harmony by speaking in schools, churches, and theological colleges, running conferences, and creating resources. Our community includes curious thinkers from students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of the sciences, technology, and Christianity.

Scots’ Church is located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, and provide a range of gatherings each Sunday to worship God and enjoy fellowship.