The ISCAST–NZCIS Conversations Are Back: Ethics, Science, and Faith

ISCAST and NZCIS are delighted to announce the next series of Conversations: “Uncharted Waters: Christian Ethics in a Rapidly Changing World.” Join for 10 weekly online Conversations, diving head first into some of the most challenging ethical issues of our time.

For Christians, the idea that humans are made in the “image of God” with inherent dignity and worth is central. But what does this mean in practice? The answer is never simple.

As science and technology progress, our society is increasingly faced with previously unimaginable ethical challenges, including questions within medicine, abortion, gender, ageing, environmental care, prenatal screening, body image, and transhumanism.

Over 10 weeks, 10 speakers will courageously tackle these very questions in 30-minute talks followed by another 30 minutes of Q&A and discussion time. This may be the most challenging Conversations series yet.

Be a part of what will be a fascinating series of talks from leading Christian voices on these topics.

Find more details and the full program on our event page.