FAQ Booklet: Science & Christianity

ISCAST is thrilled to announce our brand new resource, the Science & Christianity FAQs booklet.

Download the Science & Christianity FAQs Booklet


This comprehensive guide is designed to offer concise responses to some of the most frequently asked questions at the science–faith intersection:

  1. Can a scientist believe in God?
  2. Can science still be a Christian vocation today?
  3. What about Genesis? Did God really create the universe in 6 literal days?
  4. Is it wrong for me to believe evolutionary theory?
  5. I thought science and Christianity were at war. Is that true?
  6. Does science have limits? Will science have all the answers one day?

Written for curious students, devoted believers, or simply someone seeking a deeper understanding, our FAQ booklet provides a helpful starting point for further exploration.

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Learn More in “Science & Christianity” by Chris Mulherin

These short, succinct responses are expanded more in the comprehensive, easy-to-read book  Science & Christianity: Understanding the Conflict Myth by ISCAST Executive Director Chris Mulherin.

Written for students, teachers, clergy, parish groups, and lay people, this is an attractive and engaging introduction to the relationship between science and Christian faith.

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