Science & Spirituality to Collide at the Upcoming ISCAST Conference on Human Futures

The seemingly separate worlds of science and spirituality are set to collide at the upcoming conference, The Scientific & Spiritual Human: Faith for our Genetic Futures.

The one-day, in-person conference, held at Trinity College Theological School on 22 July 2023, aims to explore the intersection of faith and science in shaping humanity’s future.

The scientific and the spiritual are often seen as separate realms, but both are major driving forces of humanity and culture. Is faith and religion still relevant to the current scientific conversation? What does faith have to say about the future of gene editing, artificial intelligence, and biodiversity? Can faith and science find any common ground in these matters?

The Scientific & Spiritual Human conference will focus on two main themes. We will be exploring how faith can speak into being humans of the future (gene editing, human enhancement, etc.), and humans of the earth (biodiversity, caring for the planet, etc.).

The conference organised by ISCAST—Christianity & Science in Conversation will feature an impressive lineup of in-person speakers from various fields, including geneticist Prof. Phil Batterham, convenor of the 2023 International Congress of Genetics, theologian Dr Victoria Lorrimar, zoologist Prof. Michael Clarke, and more. There will also be a panel discussion for each theme, as well as Q&A time.

This event will be an opportunity for attendees to engage in meaningful discussions and gain insights into these critical topics. Attendees will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, academics, and practitioners who share a passion for exploring the intersection of faith and science.

The Scientific & Spiritual Human conference welcomes all who are interested, including students and laypeople.

Registration is now open. Find out more on the conference website at

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Join us at Trinity College Theological College on 22 July 2023 for the ISCAST Conference on Human Futures

This event is made possible by the support of Trinity College Theological School and the University of Divinity.