Our New Logo

ISCAST’s current period of consolidation has included much thinking about how we can most effectively carry out our mission to engage Australians in constructive conversation between Christian faith and the sciences.

We recognise that branding is a key component to our mission. That’s why the ISCAST team have been thinking more about how the organisation should communicate, what channels we should use, what kind of content we produce, what kind of events we should hold, all the while ensuring that these decisions align with our vision, mission, and core values.

Of course, an important part of branding is the logo. Although the Southern Cross has served us well, we recognised that the symbol is no longer the best for communicating the ISCAST mission, and it carried too many existing connotations.

  1. Firstly, we identified that the conversation between Christianity and the sciences was the best way to describe and direct our mission. So, we’ve emphasised this in our new symbol through intersecting speech bubbles.

  2. The cross represents Christ at the centre of our mission and conversations.

  3. Finally, the planetary ellipse represents the ubiquity of the sciences.

An inclusive tagline

In the past, we used to call ourselves ISCAST–Christians in Science and Technology.

However, this was an unhelpful statement that seemed to exclude theologians, philosophers, historians, or those who aren’t involved in science/tech who are purely interested and curious.

So, our new tagline—Christianity & Science in Conversation—states our mission loud and clear. All are welcome to the conversation!

Thanks for being here

As we continue in this exciting period of consolidating our communications, content, and branding, we pray that we can learn to serve you well.

How can ISCAST best serve you and those you know? What topics would you like to see covered more? We’d love to hear from you; get in touch with ISCAST Digital Communications Specialist Jackie Liu at jackieliu@iscast.org.