Announcing $7000 in grants + mentorship for science–faith projects by students

Download this Call for Proposals as a PDF

At ISCAST’s Conference on Science and Christianity (COSAC 2022), ISCAST will be awarding a small number of grants totalling $7000 to students who have submitted proposals for science–faith projects. The major award is expected to be $4000.

Each winner will also be given mentorship by an ISCAST Fellow or other senior academic.

We imagine the awards will predominantly go to university students (undergrad or postgrad), however, school students with a proposal are also encouraged to get in touch with us.

The kind of science–faith project is up to you!

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a video or a series of short videos for use in schools or churches.
  • Write a series of articles for the popular media.
  • Propose a practical or theoretical research project investigating some aspect of science and faith.
  • Publish a peer-reviewed article in Christian Perspectives on Science and Christianity.
  • Make a series of podcast episodes.
  • Write a short story or novel (perhaps of science fiction) that deals with both science and religion.

More Info

Finalists will present their initial proposals at COSAC on 26 November 2022. Following each presentation will be a question/discussion time about the proposal with the judges. Winners will be announced at the end.

While the following guidelines are flexible, we expect 

  • that funding will be distributed to winners according to an agreed timeline to completion of the project;
  • that the amount of any award will correlate with the expected time invested in the project;
  • that projects will be completed within one year,
  • that projects will serve the vision and mission of ISCAST.

Submission Details

Deadline: 9 a.m. Monday 21 November

Submit to:

Your proposal should be between 800 and 2500 words submitted in Word or PDF.

It should indicate:

  • the nature and outcome of the project;
  • how you plan to go about it;
  • what the timeline is;
  • and why you are the right person for the job.

Please also include, as a separate document, a brief resume or CV. 

Whatever your idea is, feel free to talk to us about it as you are planning it so that we can give you advice about your draft proposal. 

All enquiries:

ISCAST reserves the right to select the judges whose decision will be final. In addition, in the event that the judges do not award the full amount, the remainder of the $7000 will be used for similar awards in the future.

These grants are made possible through the support of one generous donor, who hopes to encourage student participation in ISCAST’s mission.