Faith Survey Report – February 2016

The quantitative analysis of ISCAST Fellow James Garth’s Perceptions of Faith survey is complete. Findings show a statistical significance between the survey responses and affiliation. Other trends regarding the gender and age of responders have been identified.

The qualitative analysis is underway. This is working towards being complete by the end of March 2016.

Work is being performed by Dr Cat Kirby and Dr Belinda Garth. James Garth has also communicated with Dr Keith Fox, editor of Science and Christian Belief. Dr Fox has confirmed interest in receiving a submission from us on this topic. James is targeting a submission for publication later this year.

The article will be checked by the Rationalists Society of Australia for their input before it is submitted, to keep this a fully bipartisan effort.
The survey has received publicity in The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and Eternity Magazine.
As far as finance is concerned, the project is fully within budget.