Audiobook Out Soon: “The Forest Underground” by Tony Rinaudo

Update: The Forest Underground audiobook is now available on Google BooksKoboBooktopiaAudible, and all major audiobook platforms.

The powerful autobiography of “Forest Maker” Tony Rinaudo is set to be released as an audiobook on 18 July 2023, and is now available to preorder.

The Forest Underground audiobook will be read by Tim Dehn, and published by Voices of Today.

The book, originally published by ISCAST, has been described by readers as “pure hope” and “nothing short of astonishing.” As an audiobook, this story of discovery, perseverance, and faith will be made available almost everywhere, to inspire readers globally to care for the planet.

Meanwhile, the movement has not stopped. Tony has been touring Europe to share the news and hope of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) to the European Union, major donors, Christian conferences, as well as universities. To follow his journey, follow Tony on Instagram.

As the word gets out, FMNR proves to be a work that restores and regenerates not only nature, but renewed dignity, identity, and hope in people.

Support FMNR

The most effective way you can support FMNR is through sharing the idea. Buy a book, read it, and pass it on to your friends! Learn about FMNR at, and talk about it.

You can buy the printed book or eBook, or pre-order the audiobook now. All profits to the author will go towards supporting the global FMNR movement.

You can also donate to FMNR projects.

Customer Reviews for “The Forest Underground”

“Pure hope.”
“Nothing short of astonishing. This was exactly the book I needed to read. I needed to know that people and solutions like Tony exist.”
“Demonstrates how a great deal can be accomplished with relatively little.”
“Shows how quiet Christian commitment can transform the real world.”
“This book provides an account of hopeful renewal and restoration, something we urgently need now, perhaps more than ever. The slow emergence of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) has become one of the most significant and compelling success stories of our era.”
“An easy book to read, covering a topic that is both heartbreaking yet hopeful. This has helped me to see a real answer to some of humanity’s greatest problems.”