The ISCAST Kingdom Project

Introducing the ISCAST Kingdom Project

ISCAST exists to encourage a dynamic conversation between Christianity and the sciences. This is much more than just a discussion on the origin of life and the universe.

ISCASTians work in many different sciences including the fundamental sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology, and in the vast number of applied sciences—medical, earth, atmospheric, plant and animal, food, and so on. Overlaying all of these are the technologies—the computational and engineering sciences that serve our research facilities, production industries, and our everyday lives. There are also the social sciences—psychology, sociology, economics, through to the complex amalgam of different sciences like clinical medicine. This last draws on the sciences of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and therapeutics, microbiology, psychology, and sociology. Most ISCASTians also “work,” even if informally, in the Queen of the Sciences—theology!

Each science has its own methodology, and its own boundaries. Theologian Karl Barth (studying the Queen of the Sciences) argues that the subject of every science determines its methodology. Thus, the science of evangelical theology is determined by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For scientists who are Christian, their faith in Jesus Christ affects their daily life and their scientific life, but how?

In this project I invite ISCASTians to answer the question, “How do you live out the prayer, ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done,’ in your daily life?” Such a wide question has had a number of interesting responses, from the privilege of living as a Christian in a secular world, to developing a science and theology of tractors!

We are posting these essays as an inspiration to us all in our daily work, and as an inspiration to others to reflect and contribute. The wider the variety the better.

My own essay, “Addiction and Atonement” is my take of how my work as an addiction physician affects my theological reflection and vice versa. I hope it will inspire others.

Associate Professor Alan Gijsbers

University of Melbourne
Immediate past president ISCAST


The ISCAST Kingdom Project consists of the following contributions: