The March for Science comes to Australia on April 22nd

Few people could have missed the advent of the “post-truth” age and the propagation of fake news. For Christians committed to truth and to the one who said “I am the truth,” such attitudes can only be seen as cultural character flaws. And for scientists too this blurring of truth and lies ought to be anathema. In that spirit, we are happy to respond to a request to pass on details of the March for Science coming up soon. The march is not about promoting a naturalistic worldview or the scientism of the new atheism; it is about pursuing the truth and not allowing the truth to be obscured by political correctness or powerful interests. For Christians, “all truth is God’s truth.” And this Easter, we remember the one who would not bow to political correctness and who paid the ultimate price for his commitment to speaking and doing the truth in the face the powers of his time. (For more details of local marches for science, use the link above.)