Steven Pinker may be popular but Peter Harrison and John Gray challenge his scholarship

At ABC Religion and Ethics, ISCAST fellow Peter Harrison has written a review of (Harvard psychologist and popular atheist) Steven Pinker’s new book Enlightenment Now. It’s a review that many ISCAST friends might find interesting as it challenges (although a stronger word is probably in order) Pinker’s grasp on history and the way he puts his misunderstanding to work in the interests of (a godless) “reason, science, humanism and progress”. Read more here.

Meanwhile, here at New Statesman, John Gray also has a damning review of Pinker’s new book. ISCAST fellow Ian Harper comments: “Gray (an avowed atheist) accuses Pinker of peddling a crude scientism that is blind to the illiberal tendencies of scientific rationalism. It’s a tour de force and well worth drawing to the attention of a wider ISCAST readership.”