On the Physics of Resurrection

ISCAST Fellow Andrew Sloane has recently published an article on resurrection as both a spiritual and scientific phenomenon, and what it means to engage with the concept of death as a person of faith.

“Transhumanists and the apostle Paul aren’t generally seen as having a lot in common. But here’s one thing they do: both see us as needing to be rescued from the current constraints of physical existence. They both see that, to use Paul’s words, we need to be ‘rescued from this body of death’. But, of course, the nature of that rescue, and the end for which we are freed, are about as different as they can be.

“For transhumanists it is physicality itself that is the problem. The limits it places on us, and the death that inevitably awaits us, prompt them to search for a way to escape physical existence into a virtual world in which humans—or whatever it is that humans will become—have unfettered freedom to determine their reality. We need to be freed from this body of death.

“For Paul, things are very different. The body is good—after all, the body is for the Lord, and the Lord for the body—so it’s not the bodyfrom which we need to be freed, but this body of death. But what does that mean?”

Read the full text here.