ISCAST Fellow Brian Edgar recognised in Christianity Today’s “Book of the Year” awards

Congratulations to ISCAST fellow Brian Edgar, whose book The God Who Plays  has been recognised as one of the best books of the year in the Book of the Year awards conducted by Christianity Today magazine in the USA. 

“Western Christianity is often haunted by a sense of perfectionism, anxiety, and exhaustion. Edgar points out that many Protestant traditions have developed a work ethic that lies in profound tension and even contradiction with the life of grace. His book provides a thoughtful and nuanced correction, emphasizing that as Christians we are first of all children of God, which entails a kind of ‘playful’ relationship. Faith-filled play draws us back to a merciful God who calls us into a childlike faith. It can help restore our trust in God as a good and gracious Father.” (Gisela Kreglinger, writer and speaker, author of The Spirituality of Wine.)

The God Who Plays: A Playful Approach to Theology and Spirituality can be bought here.

Image of the cover of Brian Edgar's book entitled "The God Who Plays"