Evolving biology and theology in Eltham

Tim and Lyn Beattie are friends of ISCAST who have taken the initiative to organise a number of “science and religion” events in their part of Melbourne. Tim reports here on the latest event:

“On Sunday September 30th around 70 people turned up to St Margaret’s Church, Eltham for a talk entitled “Evolving Biology, Evolving Theology”. The talk was a double act that looked at the interface between science and spirituality through how our understanding of how our physical origins have evolved over the years as has our understanding of God. A brief timeline was given from the creation of the universe to the present day, accompanied by a summary of the development of Western thought from Plato and Aristotle through to the search for the nature of consciousness. This was followed by a fresh look at Genesis in the context of early Mesopotamian texts. The audience participated in the question time with great enthusiasm. For more details contact Lyn Beattie at lyn@adapa.com.au.”