Allan Day’s notes on science and Christian belief

In conjunction with Bruce Craven and John Pilbrow, Allan Day compiled extensive notes on science and Christian belief.

These notes have recently been added to the ISCAST website and can be found here.

Chapter listings include:

  • Chapter 1: Historical overview – From Aristotle to the 18th century
  • Chapter 2: Darwin and the aftermath – Science and faith in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Chapter 3: God’s interaction with the world – Some metaphysical considerations
  • Chapter 4: Rational inquiry – Science and theology and their limitations
  • Chapter 5: Ways of relating science and faith
  • Chapter 6: Cosmology, creation and the biblical record
  • Chapter 7: Evolution and creation
  • Chapter 8: The nature of humanity
  • Chapter 9: Genetics, reproductive techonology and ethics
  • Chapter 10: The Earth and its environment