A Theology that Drives Climate Change? Review of Paul Tyson’s “Theology and Climate Change”

Could a theological belief be driving climate change? Theology and Climate Change by ISCAST Fellow Paul Tyson examines Progressive Dominion Theology (PDT) as a primary cultural driver of climate change.

In the book, Paul describes PDT as a distinctive and Western form of Christian theology out of which the modern scientific revolution and technological modernity arises. This “theology” shapes how we see nature, our power over it, and our relationship to it.

Whilst much of what we like about Western modernity is indebted to PDT, Paul Tyson observes that this tacit cultural theology is propelling us towards climate disaster. His book argues that the urgent need to change the fundamental operational assumptions of our way of life is now very hard for us to do, because secular modernity is now largely unaware of its theological commitments.

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