“Coming to Faith Through Dawkins”: 12 Stories of Moving from New Atheism to Christianity

Fascinatingly, it is possible for Richard Dawkins and other “New Atheists” to cause people to move towards religious belief rather than away from it.

And as editors Alister McGrath and ISCAST fellow Denis Alexander have discovered, the phenomenon is far from unique.

Coming to Faith Through Dawkins: 12 Essays on the Pathway from New Atheism to Christianity is a new collection of personal stories about journeys towards Christian belief, all of which include some kind of influence from the New Atheists.

In our latest book review from D. Gareth Jones, he writes:

I have no hesitation in recommending this as a book for anyone prepared to grapple with serious issues at the border of atheism and Christianity. […] It demonstrates that Christians have no grounds for being ashamed of their beliefs, since these beliefs can stand up to rigorous intellectual scrutiny. In these terms the book will benefit all Christians and not simply those troubled by atheism (and evolutionary humanism) in modern guise.

Read his full review in Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology.