From the Journal: Bruce Craven: Contrarian or Questioning Thinker?

Bruce Craven often came across as a “contrarian” thinker, because of the questions he posed at ISCAST meetings and conferences. However, in the new journal article in Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology (CPOSAT), John Pilbrow reviews Craven’s robust thinking on science and Christianity to show that Craven was, instead, a “questioning” thinker.

Read the full article at CPOSAT.


This article continues the author’s tribute to Bruce Craven, published on the ISCAST website earlier this year and reproduced here, revised and expanded, in the Appendix. Craven’s relevant contributions are reviewed in the hope that both ISCAST members and other readers can appreciate his robust thinking at the nexus of Christianity and science. The approach is straightforward, the author focusing on Craven’s articles published in Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology, where he gleans true gems and a few weaknesses. What emerges at the end of this exploration is the portrait of Bruce Craven as a Christian “questioning thinker” who—equiped with the specific skills of his mathematical expertise—is able to inspire his readers today, as he did in the past.