Chris Mulherin on the Inspiration Project: Science, Christianity, and Truth

On this episode of The Inspiration Project, Brendan Corr talks to ISCAST Executive Director Chris Mulherin about the supposed conflict between Christianity and science.

How can anyone be both a scientist and a Christian? What does it mean to reconcile truth against an objective reality? How do we deal with doubt, and questions about what is true and what isn’t?

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Among other things, Chris shares:

  • How Chris came to faith
  • The conflict myth
  • What is truth and what is not
  • What it means to reconcile truth against an objective reality
  • How to understand the shared nature of faith
  • Losing his son Ben and dealing with the question of where is God in this tragedy?
  • What is it about the story of Christ – incarnation, salvation and redemption that speaks to Chris?