Putting a reckless God under the microscope: New ISCAST book features at Eternity News

We’re delighted to see A Reckless God? featured at Eternity News.

In the article, Ben McEachen converses with Chris Mulherin, Executive Director of ISCAST, about the first book in the ISCAST Nexus series called A Reckless God? Currents and Challenges in the Christian Conversation with Science.

“What sort of a god would create such an imaginably vast and life-giving universe? What sort of a god would dare to create human beings with such extraordinary powers of creation? Powers that can be used for good or ill.”

So asks “A Reckless God?” a new anthology of articles diving right into the troubled intersection between Christianity and science. Along with sections about climate change, genetics and creation, A Reckless God? also features plenty of bite-sized reads about prominent Christian scientists and philosophers – as well as responses to new atheists such as Lawrence Krauss, Alain de Botton and Stephen Fry.

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