A Historical Perspective on the Delusion of Medical Neutrality

Robert Trundle & Michael Vossmeyer,  June, 2005

Abstract: We augment A. Singh’s Regulation of Human Sexual Behavior, Sex Revolution and Emergence of AIDS: A Historical Perspective (Singh 1997 pp. 63-74) by clarifying why medicine is ignored despite unprecedented pathogenic norms of Western society. While these societal norms are well correlated to etiological findings on divorce and extramarital sex, the norms cannot be rooted properly in our psycho- biological nature without committing a ‘naturalistic fallacy’.

Accepted axiomatically in the West, the fallacy specifies that what ought to be the case is not inferable from what is the case about our nature. Thus although natural norms implicit in medicine were implied historically by a natural theology shared by major religions, the latter are wrongly deemed unscientific and irrelevant by secular politics. Lying furtively behind political policies that induce psychosocial disorders and preventable disease, the fallacy’s exclusion is as relevant as medicine to averting disease.

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Sex Revolution and Psychosocial Disorder: A Historical Perspective on the Delusion of Medical Neutrality