Review of ISCAST Patron Graeme Clark’s biography

See here at Eternity News for a review of Mark Worthing’s biography of ISCAST patron Graeme Clark. Mark is an ISCAST fellow and the review is by Belinda Garth, a friend of ISCAST and married to another fellow (of the ISCAST variety), James Garth. The review begins: 
“In this inspiring biography, Mark Worthing takes us on a journey through the life and achievements of committed Christian and scientific pioneer, Professor Graeme Clark. Setting the scene of humility and warmth, the book starts with Mark recounting his visit to the Clarks’ home. We get a sense of home. Of normality. Of the ordinary amid the extraordinary. A modest mudbrick home, surrounded by natural scrub. An old pottery kiln in the backyard. Biscuits and sandwiches. And choosing outfits for a trip to Canberra to meet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Extraordinary indeed.”