Through a Glass Darkly

Professor D. Gareth Jones – ISCAST Victoria Annual Lecture
Date: Friday 29 October 2010
Venue: Queen’s College, Melbourne

Professor D. Gareth Jones of Otago University, New Zealand presented the 2010 Vic Annual Lecture themed “Who Says? The Use and Misuse of the Bible in an Age of Science and Technology“. The title of his presentation was “Through a Glass Darkly: Coping with ethical and theological uncertainty“.

Prof. Jones, as Director of the Bioethics Centre and Professor of Anatomy and Structural Biology at the University of Otago, has an international reputation in his field and is emminently qualified from study and direct experience to speak on this subject.

His interests in the science faith interface follow directly on from his areas of expertise: reproductive technologies, neuroethics, enhancement projects and life span extension.

These areas are highly controversial due to the varying interpretations of biblical evidence and also where they fit alongside scientific data and interpretations. There is constant interplay between the two in which both must be taken seriously.

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