The questions students ask: Science and Faith in the Classroom

Presentation materials and audio from the ISCAST-CASE Science-Faith Panel Discussion meeting held on Thursday 19th July 2012 at New College, NSW, with the discussion title: “The questions students ask: Science and Faith in the Classroom”.


Panel Chair: Dr Barry Newman, BSc (Hons), MSc & PhD in Chemistry (USyd); BA (Hons) in Education (USyd); Master in charge of Physics at Sydney Grammar School; Lectured at University of NSW (UNSW) in science education; Head of the School of Teacher Education; Member of Council & Governing Board of Moore Theological College for 27 years.

Other Panel Members: Mr Vaughan Brown [BSc, Dip Ed; Master Assisting in Biology; Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)]; Dr David Ruys [PhD in Materials Science; B. Materials & Engineering (Hons); Physics & Secondary Science; St Andrew’s Cathedral School]; Mr Jim Wright [BSc (USyd), DipEd (UNSW); Science and Chemistry teacher, Covenant Christian School].


Download mp3 – Talk [14.7 Mb]

Download pdf – Presentation Notes [1.5 Mb]