Serving as a Scientist in God’s World

Professor Graeme Clark
17 September 2012




Professor Graeme Clark, Developer of the Bionic Ear, gave a lecture at New College in the University of New South Wales, on “Serving as a Scientist in God’s World”.

Brief Biosketch: Graeme Clark led the research that resulted in the first clinically approved multiple-channel cochlear implant, providing speech understanding in profoundly deaf people. His basic research was also crucial in establishing this could be achieved safely, including a minimal risk of meningitis.  It thus became the first sensory-neural prosthesis to effectively bring electronic technology into functional relationship with the central nervous system and human consciousness. His research also established that the multiple-channel implant provided effective speech perception and language in profoundly deaf children, and it was thus the first major advance in helping these children communicate in the last 250 years.

Download mp3 – Lecture [12.5 MB]

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