Modern developments in archaeology and the Bible record

Audio mp3 files of Karin Sowada’s lecture are available for download now, with an abridged and revised pdf of her PowerPoint slides.

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Dr Karin Sowada gave an ISCAST-CASE* lecture at New College at the University of New South Wales, on “Modern developments in archaeology and the Bible record” at 7.30 pm on Thursday 15th May 2014.


Dr Karin SowadaDr Karin Sowada (BArch, PhD) is the CEO of Anglican Deaconess Ministries and teaches archaeology and the Bible at Mary Andrews College. She holds degrees in archaeology from the University of Sydney and has spent more than two decades working as a field archaeologist on excavations in Egypt, Israel, Australia and Jordan. Karin was Assistant Curator of the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University for nine years until 2005, and is extensively published in the academic literature on Egyptian pottery, mummies and Bronze Age economic systems. She holds an honorary appointment in the Dept of Ancient History at Macquarie University and appears often on ABC Radio and elsewhere in the popular press.

Lecture abstract:

Points of disconnection between the archaeological record and the Biblical narrative continue to fuel heated debate, particularly around sections of the Old Testament. This lecture surveys some current flashpoints and new evidence, underscoring the limitations of archaeological data in resolving issues of theology and Biblical history.

* CASE – Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (


ISCAST-CASE Lecture May 2014 – Karin Sowada

ISCAST-CASE Questions May 2014 – Karin Sowada