AIOCS Conversations

In June 2021, Doru Costache, ISCAST Research Director and ISSR Fellow, has initiated a series of interviews, AIOCS Conversations. AIOCS stands for the Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, a not-for-profit charitable organisation that focuses on apprising Orthodox Christians living Down Under about the realities of our time and place.

One AIOCS project, Faith & Science, accommodates the new interview series, where each conversation has a written summary and a link to its video recording. So far, the series consists of ten conversations, and counting, available via the AIOCS YouTube channel. The interviewees are from a variety of Christian backgrounds, Anglican, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, and Oriental Orthodox, and represent diverse academic specialisations. The topics range from science and faith to cognitive science, transhumanism, and artificial intelligence, from ancient and patristic views of the sciences to climate change, providence, and theodicy, and from various forms of reductionism to concrete examples of working in the area of science and religion, from the grassroots to the expert tier.