From the Journal: Faith, Deuteronomy 18:21–22, and the Scientific Method

The scientific method is often assumed to be free of belief or personal convictions. However, a deeper look may reveal how belief plays a part in both the scientific method and religion. Charles Riding explores this topic in his new article for Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology (CPOSAT), the ISCAST Journal.

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This article shows that beliefs or convictions permeate the use of the scientific method just as they permeate religion. To that end, it begins by showing how belief is a prerequisite for both religion and for the deployment of the scientific method as a valid tool for empirical science. Then it describes the scientific method, bringing to the fore the extent to which it entails faith or beliefs. It also shows that Deuteronomy 18 and other biblical passages prove critical thinking to be embedded in the faith both in the use of religion and in the scientific method.