Vic: Human musicality

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Thursday 12th Oct 2017 @ 5:15 pm


Lowe Theatre, Redmond Barry Building at The University of Melbourne. Entry from Tin Alley

ISCAST fellow Stephen Ames thinks this event will be of interest.

Human Musicality Professor Jeremy Begbie will be giving a lecture transmitted live from Cambridge on the following question:

Is human musicality an evolutionary extension of the remarkable sounds that other animals make (birds, dolphins et. al.) or does something new also come to light in human musicality disclosing something new about human beings and the about the kind of world in which we live?

Dr Joseph Jordania from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music will respond.

5.15-7.00pm, 12th October, Lowe Theatre, the Redmond Barry Building, (enter from Tin Alley).

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