Appointment of ISCAST Fellows

Fellows of ISCAST subscribe to ISCAST’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and have appropriate qualifications and experience, usually in the form of

  • a higher degree,
  • commercial, industrial, or professional experience (or research work) in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST, or
  • teaching experience in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST.

Fellows of ISCAST seek to integrate a view of the world as revealed in the Bible with a view of the world as discovered through the sciences. Our fundamental belief is that these are complementary, and the challenge is to understand both in this light.

ISCAST Fellows fill a vital role in the ongoing life of ISCAST by taking part in ISCAST’s research, education, and training programs;
  • being the major contributors to ISCAST publications and to publications elsewhere in the science-faith debate;
  • leading discussions or giving lectures at ISCAST events;
  • being available for lectures/talks at other events with a science-faith aspect including talks to schools, campus, and church groups;
  • encouraging one another regularly to keep in focus the mission of Christ in their daily lives and vocations; and
  • taking on responsibilities as members of ISCAST Limited (the company) when they are approved to be members by the directors.  (See BECOMING A COMPANY MEMBER below.)

The list of current ISCAST Fellows with brief profiles is available here.

Becoming a Fellow

Fellows are appointed by the Board either following an application or by invitation.

Applications can be submitted using this online form. Applications require a CV, as well as an affirmation of faith and of agreement with ISCAST’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values. The names of any ISCAST Fellows known to the applicant should be included as referees.

Invitation: Suitably qualified people may be invited by the Board to become Fellows. Those approached will be asked to submit a CV, as well as an affirmation of faith and of agreement with ISCAST’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

Becoming a Company Member

Fellows are eligible to become members of ISCAST Ltd. Company members have certain responsibilities and entitlements of members (for example, the responsibilities to elect new directors and to consider and approve any amendments to the constitution, where necessary) as well as the liability of contributing $10 in the event that ISCAST Ltd is wound up.

To apply to become a company member, a Fellow should write to the secretary stating that they:

(a) are a Fellow and want to become a member of ISCAST Ltd;

(b) support the purpose(s) of ISCAST Ltd, and

(c) agree to comply with the constitution of ISCAST Ltd,* including paying the guarantee amount of $10 if required.

Applications to be a company member are considered by the Directors.

* A copy of the constitution is available here.