Why Don’t Christians Want to Talk About Evolution? (Now online only.)

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Sunday 1st Aug 2021 @ 2:00 pm




Why don’t Christians want to talk about evolution? Reflections of an evolutionary biologist in a time of COVID.

*This event is now completely online!*

Reconciling evolutionary biology with Christian faith has been a source of fear and even grief for many Christians. Does it have to be this way? Join us online or at St Mark’s on August 1 for a double presentation and an extended Q&A as we talk about the nature of science, the nature of evolution, and the relationship of science to Christian faith.

Mike Clarke was Head of the School of Life Sciences at La Trobe University, from 2011 to 2019. He has spent his life studying the evolutionary ecology and conservation biology of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish and plants.

Chris Mulherin is Executive Director of ISCAST, and an Anglican minister with a background in engineering and philosophy of science.

This Delving Deeper event is jointly brought to you by St Mark’s and ISCAST.

Registration is free but essential.

The link for the online Zoom session will be sent to all registered participants on Saturday July 31.