Vic: State of Play: Science and Religion in Australiasia

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Ridley College, Parkville

Date: Saturday 15 August, 2015.

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Ridley College, Parkville

Topic: The State of Play – Science and Religion in Australasia

Speakers: Rev. Dr. Mark Worthing, Dr. Rich Park (John Templeton Foundation), James Garth (Author of the recent ‘faith’ survey), plus numerous other academics and Christian thinkers.

Cost: A suggested donation of $50 to cover costs would be appreciated.

Registrations: Please register online

What is the state of play in science and religion dialogue and where is it going?

On August 15th ISCAST is running a “State of Play” workshop in Melbourne.

As ISCAST and like-minded organisations look to the future, this workshop aims to investigate the state of play of the changing dialogue between science and religion and to anticipate the crucial aspects of the conversation in the coming decade and more. What are the new and pressing challenges in the science-faith dialogue?

The day will be led by Rev. Dr
 Mark Worthing. Dr Rich Park from the John Templeton Foundation will also speak and James Garth will present the surprising results of the recent extensive survey of ‘faith’ in Australia. Other invited speakers will give brief ‘hot topic’ presentations on a number of key issues that will dominate science and faith conversations in the future.

Confirmed ‘hot topic’ speakers include:

| Michael Clark | Ian Harper | Ian Hore-Lacy | Andrew Bennett | James Garth | Michael Wong | Alan Gijsbers | David Young | Ian Barns | Jenneth Sasse | Stephen Ames | Denise Cooper-Clarke | Mick Pope | Andrew Wood |

The six ‘hot topics’ are:

| Stewardship of Creation | The Uses and Abuses of Science and Technology | Mind, Body and Soul | Evolutionary Biology and Theology | Secularism, Worldviews, and Culture Wars | Scientific Literacy: Knowing Science and Knowing about Science |

This is a general invitation to those who are seriously interested in the direction of the science and religion conversation in the coming decade and more. Please join us in this important discussion to identify the emerging issues that will occupy academic and public thinking.

Your active involvement in this day is warmly encouraged.