COSAC 2024: Humanity 2.0? God, Technology, and the Future of Being Human


Friday 29th Nov 2024 @ 10:00 am – 
Sunday 1st Dec 2024 @ 5:00 pm


New College, University of NSW

What does it mean to be human? Could this change in an age of technological advances and drive to transcend our limits? New possibilities raise profound questions for Christians and reflection by the church is essential.

This conference will help Christians explore some of these questions. What does the Bible say about being human? What are the implications of being in God’s image? Of being created “male and female”? Are bodies essential to being human? Are we free to heal them? Remodel them? Enhance them? Escape them altogether? Should we seek to combat aging? Mortality? When does the good use of God-given creativity cross the line and become ‘playing God’? What are the implications for social (in)equality and the abuse of power? And, beyond the church, how can Christians help society wrestle with what it means to be human?

The conference will include speakers and a panel for a lay audience as well as streamed presentations by theologians, philosophers, scientists, and practitioners. More details including a call for papers will be published in June.

The long history of COSAC

Welcome to ISCAST’s 14th Conference on Science and Christianity, this time in collaboration with New College at the University of New South Wales. For over 25 years, COSAC has provided a venue for stimulating discussion on a range of issues relating science and faith. The first COSAC was held at Moore College in 1997 with keynote speaker Bob Russell, Founder and Director of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in the USA. Other notable COSAC speakers include Sam Berry, Owen Gingerich, George Ellis, Alister McGrath, Simon Conway Morris, Nancey Murphy, Denis Alexander, Tom McLeish, David Wilkinson, and Bob White. In 2018, Jennifer Wiseman was our keynote speaker in Brisbane where she also spoke at the World Science Festival.