COSAC 2022: Christian Living in a Techno-Scientific World

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The world is changing rapidly. Scientific discoveries and technological advancements are opening up worlds of possibilities. Christians are being faced with challenges and questions they’ve never had to consider before. How can we live as faithful followers of Jesus in our techno-scientific world, and respond to the complex challenges and opportunities that it presents?

Join us at ISCAST’s biennial Conference on Science and Christianity (COSAC 2022) as we come together to dive into this topic over 2 days. This conference is designed to equip and encourage Christians from all backgrounds to grapple with issues at the intersection of science and Christianity, and to offer plenty of opportunities to connect with others interested in the science–faith conversation.


Friday 25th Nov 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 
Saturday 26th Nov 2022 @ 6:00 pm


Melbourne & Online via Zoom

ISCAST’s biennial Conference on Science and Christianity (COSAC) is back!

This year, we’ll be exploring the theme of Christian Living in a Techno-Scientific World. Come and be equipped and encouraged to grapple with issues at the intersection of Christianity, the sciences, and technology, whilst connecting with others interested in the science–faith conversation.

Alister McGrath, a globally recognised thinker in science and theology, will be joining us live from England on the 25th of November for a talk with Q&A time.

As well, NASA Hubble Senior Scientist Jennifer Wiseman will be joining us virtually on the 26th.

Find all conference details on the COSAC website.

COSAC 2022 is generously supported by ARTFinc, to encourage the participation of youth.

The long history of COSAC

For over 20 years, COSAC has provided a venue for stimulating discussion on a range of issues relating science and faith. The first COSAC was held at Moore College in 1997 with keynote speaker Bob Russell, Founder and Director of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in the USA. Other notable COSAC speakers include Sam Berry, Owen Gingerich, George Ellis, Alister McGrath, Simon Conway Morris, Nancey Murphy, David Wilkinson, Bob White. In 2018, Jennifer Wiseman was our keynote speaker in Brisbane where she also spoke at the World Science Festival.