2017-04-26 Vic: Talk

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The Stentrode Story: Breakthrough in Brain-Machine Interfaces


Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
792 Elizabeth street (Corner Grattan Street)
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Full details and registration: http://bit.ly/2nX6vn9

This talk at Melbourne University about the brain–machine interface might be of interest to ISCAST members. (ISCAST fellow Graeme Clark was a pioneer with his bionic ear.) The field is rife with ethical, philosophical, and theological issues as the human capacity to blur the lines between body and machine increases.

Topic: The Stentrode Story: Breakthrough in Brain-Machine Interfaces

Speaker: Dr Nicholas Opie

Full details and registration: http://bit.ly/2nX6vn9


Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) allows communication between the external environment and the complex biological signaling of the brain. The field of BMI developed in the early 1970’s, but has grown dramatically over the past few years.

For the millions of people with paralysis, BMI have the potential to restore movement through direct brain control of wheelchairs, exoskeletons and computers. Unfortunately, invasive, open brain surgery and implant rejection is hampering clinical translation. We have developed a Stentrode, a BMI that is delivered via blood vessels, mitigating these risks. The Stentrode is undergoing final safety and efficacy testing for validation of a world-first human trial next year.


Please note: this event is not organised by ISCAST